Leisure Mattresses

Caravan Mattresses

Any of our Foam Mattresses can be customize and resize to fit your Caravan perfectly in length, width and height, to ensure that you will have the same goodnight rest as sleeping in your bed at home.

Budget 5

Camping Mattresses

We offer a variety of camping Mattresses from Roll-up mattresses to Fold-up Mattresses. All mattresses can be covered in different materials, from Stitchbond, Warpknit to heavy duty water resistant Material for your ultimate outdoor experience.

Camping mats

Bakkie Mattresses

Fitted Bakkie Mattresses, which provides comfort and protection for your love ones, pets and your Bakkie. We can customize the mattress to your specific needs and specifications, regarding covering and foam densities we will ensure our best quality products at all times.

Bakkie mat

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