Speciality Foam

Quick Speciality Foam Guide

 Photo Description and Colour Density and Feel Recommended
LM45 Memory Foam or
Pale Yellow
SUPER SOFT VISCO ELASTIC 45 Mattresses, Medical ProductsExtra softness for Mattress Toppers
Blue Gel Foam SUPER SOFT GEL INFUSED 55 MattressesExtra coolness for Mattress Toppers
Purple ULTRA HIGH DENSITY 35 HARD FEEL MattressesUltra-high Density Requirements and Specifications
Peach ULTRA HIGH DENSITY 40 HARD FEEL MattressesUltra-high Density Requirements and Specifications
Dark Grey MED TO HIGH DENSITY 20, MED FEEL For all your packaging needs, perfect colour and perfect foam.Convoluting, sound proofing
Black HIGH DENSITY 34, HARD FEEL Anti-static Foam, for packaging

The Benefits of Memory Foam

Memory foam is a remarkable scientific development, originally developed by NASA (America) for their space program in the 1970’s to protect and give comfort to the astronauts travelling in space. This visco-elastic material absorbs pressure at both heavy and light loads. The unique cell structure gently conforms to the exact contours of the body giving total support without any counter pressure.

Memory foam is made from a substance called visco-elastic polymer, which is both energy absorbent and soft offering a comfortable sleep experience. It is pressure sensitive, reducing the overall pressure placed on your body as it contours around pressure points of the body without pushing back against them. The open cells of memory foam will gradually adjust to your unique body shape.

Memory foam has transformed the bedding industry not just in South Africa, but around the world. Memory foam beds are fast becoming the best selling beds for their many advantages and added value and comfort.

Therapuetic Benefits:

  • Experts agree that a mattress should conform to the body for a restful sleep especially for people suffering from back pain.
  • The mattress will mould to your body shape using your own weight and temperature, and revert back to its original shape when the weight and pressure is removed, giving each person an unique sleeping experience
  • Memory foam is hypoallergenic and is available in a variety qualities and depts. Different feels or firmness can be achieved by altering the thickness and density that are used.
  • Memory foam can also be used as a filling on innerspring mattresses with a thinner layer to give it a different feel, support and comfort.
  • Memory foam mattresses, has the added advantage that they do not have to be turned.

Health Benefits:

  • Because the memory foam adjusts itself to conform to a person’s own body line it has various health benefits
  • As the visco-elastic material that are used to manufacture memory foam are temperature sensitive, the mattress will adjust to the person’s body heat and weight, so as the temperature increases the mattress will become softer and provide a better night’s sleep.
  • A memory foam mattress can relieve pains, body aches and soreness. The memory foam mattress does this by selectively displacing pressure along the length of the sleeper’s body. Pain points have an average temperature that are higher than the rest of the body as part of the body’s natural and biological pain coping mechanism. So, by moulding itself to the temperature in these parts of the body, the memory foam can help the body to recover quickly.
  • Back soreness in the possible future, can also be prevented. The memory foam mattress will assist the sleeper with an ideal sleeping posture with proper spinal alignment and support when lying down.
  • A memory foam mattress can add relief from allergies. As memory foam are made from polyurethane foam which are made from inorganic fibbers, these fibbers prevent allergy-causing dust mites from settling in, as there are no “food” for them to thrive on inside the mattress.

With this excellent product being added to the mattress industry and the benefits that it holds for the consumer, we at Hi Tech Foam can with all confidence recommend, our Airglow memory foam mattress or our Gel-Tique gel-infused memory foam mattress to any buyer.

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